Orford ness
Desolation Row

  •  pagodas


  •  boundary fence

    boundary fence

  •  bomb test

    bomb test

  •  the toilet is free

    the toilet is free

  •  filling station

    filling station

  •  bombs gone

    bombs gone

  •  transformer


  •  pagodas 2

    pagodas 2

  •  low water

    low water

  •  chip off the block

    chip off the block

  •  distant tower

    distant tower

  •  lookout


  •  National Trust

    National Trust

  •  UXB


  •  shoreline


  •  lighthouse


  •  safe as sand

    safe as sand

  •  the on off switch

    the on off switch

  •  testing station

    testing station

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The offbeat, kiss-me-quick atmosphere of the East Anglian and Kent seaside and coast fascinates photographer, Trevor Clapp and watercolorist, Tim Baynes. This website records some of their trips to these extraordinary places.