•  service bay

    service bay

  •  fine dining

    fine dining

  •  trax


  •  modern industry

    modern industry

  •  low tide

    low tide

  •  get the point

    get the point

  •  hull(k)


  •  laughing lobster

    laughing lobster

  •  Barrett homes ?

    Barrett homes ?

  •  secret church

    secret church

  •  loads of statues

    loads of statues

  •  for Buddah's sake

    for Buddah's sake

  •  Mr Casey's Crew

    Mr Casey's Crew

  •  showtime


  •  rememberance bench

    rememberance bench

  •  remove before driving

    remove before driving

  •  twice the Chapel

    twice the Chapel

  •  waiting for the sun

    waiting for the sun

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The offbeat, kiss-me-quick atmosphere of the East Anglian and Kent seaside and coast fascinates photographer, Trevor Clapp and watercolorist, Tim Baynes. This website records some of their trips to these extraordinary places.