•  A gang of buoys

    A gang of buoys

  •  A window to watch

    A window to watch

  •  Back to school

    Back to school

  •  Best dressed

    Best dressed

  •  Blister Pack

    Blister Pack

  •  Bouy boat

    Bouy boat

  •  Breakwater


  •  Buy British

    Buy British

  •  Cheese


  •  Cranes & Boats

    Cranes & Boats

  •  Eeeek!


  •  Entrance £1

    Entrance £1

  •  Fair One

    Fair One

  •  Fresh Fish

    Fresh Fish

  •  Hooray for Harwich

    Hooray for Harwich

  •  Hut-tastique


  •  In chains

    In chains

  •  Least we forget

    Least we forget

  •  Main Street

    Main Street

  •  Mobility Club

    Mobility Club

  •  Nice in the sun

    Nice in the sun

  •  nice view

    nice view

  •  Off to the shops

    Off to the shops

  •  Oh No Mr Punch!

    Oh No Mr Punch!

  •  Old bones

    Old bones

  •  Pier Cafe

    Pier Cafe

  •  Queen of Harwich

    Queen of Harwich

  •  Radar Tower

    Radar Tower

  •  Ripe for development

    Ripe for development

  •  Road signs

    Road signs

  •  Rule Britania

    Rule Britania

  •  Trinity House Kit

    Trinity House Kit

  •  Welcome Home

    Welcome Home

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The offbeat, kiss-me-quick atmosphere of the East Anglian and Kent seaside and coast fascinates photographer, Trevor Clapp and watercolorist, Tim Baynes. This website records some of their trips to these extraordinary places.