Kiss Me Quick

Essex occupies the eastern part of the former Saxon Kingdom of Essex, which subsequently united with the other Anglian and Saxon kingdoms to make England a single nation state. Yes, Essex did this.

The county is blessed the new towns of Basildon and Harlow. Henry VIII established Tilbury (featured) as a defensive fort. Now cruise ships set off from its quayside’s. Henry’s canons are silent.

Essex is also home to the
Dunmow Flitch Trials, a traditional ceremony (dating back to 1100’s that takes place every four years and consists of a test of a married couple's devotion to one another. Similar situations: life, love and couples have been immortalised in the 2009 series The Only Way is Essex.

Essex is beach central.

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The offbeat, kiss-me-quick atmosphere of the East Anglian and Kent seaside and coast fascinates photographer, Trevor Clapp and watercolorist, Tim Baynes. This website records some of their trips to these extraordinary places.